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Candidate Name: Lia Beatty

About Lia

It’s been four years since I relocated with my family from Atlanta to Tampa, and in those four years I have attended the last three TBWOY events, where each time I’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude towards this organization. In May-June 2014, I witnessed my uncle get diagnosed and pass away from a brain tumor. In those 5 weeks, I was his caregiver while also being a full-time mom to 3 children under 15 months old. I can speak first hand as to how devastating any diagnosis like this is, not only to the patient, but for the family and caregivers. I know that any and every bit of assistance means more than anyone could possibly fathom.

Since relocating to Tampa, I opened Télia Agency - a national full service branding and marketing agency and have the pleasure of working with brands such as Kendra Scott, Mercedes Benz, Neiman Marcus and Simon Property Group.

Our Télia team has grown to 8 employees and countless completed brand identities, websites, strategies, social media successes, and more. I am grateful to wake up every morning and love what I do, while still managing to balance being a full-time mom to 4 amazing children.

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