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Candidate Name: Trish Kelly

About Trish

Trish Kelly knows all too well what these families are going through as she’s been there herself many times.

Starting from a young age Trish has had to fight for her life many times. At the age of two she was diagnosed with an aggressive and at the time almost incurable form of Leukemia enduring three long painful and hard years but beat the odds and survived it. However the chemotherapy used to save her life ended up destroying the muscles and nerves in her right leg causing more problems afterwards that resulted in many reconstructive surgeries for many years to follow.

She however didn’t let any of that stop her and always embraced whatever challenges came her way. She faced life and each obstacle with a smile on her face and just kept on going as positively as she could.

Growing up she always wanted to achieve so much so she could give back and be an inspiration for young girls that are in the same position she once was.

Being raised in the Tampa Bay Area she has worked in both the hospitality and retail industry and went to college for Fashion Design and Merchandising. She loves to volunteer, and give back in her spare time but most importantly just making people happy , laugh , and teaching them to embrace each day of life as it is such a precious gift!

After having her miracle baby girl she was yet again faced with an challenge that almost took her life again, this time a devastating blood clot known as a DVT. The many surgeries she had for years all over many Florida hospitals couldn’t ever fix the problem just made it worse resulting in her having to travel to California to save her life yet again.

Now being an adult and a single mother she understands more the financial hardships that devastated her family from when she had Leukemia as a child and now was faced with them yet again.

After learning about the Westchase Charitable Foundation she knew this was an organization she wanted to be apart of right away. Finally a chance for her to help give back to families just like her. She’s very excited to help raise money to help local families in need like she once was and help them by raising money and by sharing her experiences of what got her through so they can too.

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