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Candidate Name: Taryn Shea

About Taryn

My name is Taryn Shea and I was born and raised in Canada until having the amazing opportunity to work for Disney World in 2005. Although I had many wonderful experiences growing up, such as camping and snowboarding, they were clouded with feelings of insecurity and unworthiness. To make matters worse, I was overweight which was emotionally painful for me because I had dreams of being a fitness role model and professional athlete!

Finally, after seeing one very unflattering photo of me, I took action and that was the start of my transformation journey. Shortly after that pivotal moment, I became the woman I knew I was on the inside! I lost over 50 lbs to become a Fitness model, trainer and competitor! Throughout that process, my passion for helping other women was born hence the beginning of my company Fit and Chic, Inc.

Today, my company helps thousands of women around the world through my programs, membership community, challenges and retreats. As a result of that success, I am a sought after speaker and sit on expert panels to share my knowledge. Throughout creating my company, I had two wonderful boys who are now 3 & 6 yrs old. They are my biggest fans!

My purpose is to help women become the best version of themselves and I always ensure to lead my example! Recently, I became a Wbff Pro Athlete and placed top ten in Worlds. I always walk the talk and that is why I am now embarking upon become Tampa Bay Women of the Year!! Not only will this help me to become a better woman but it will help many families in need. I am thrilled to be a part of such an honorable cause. I can not do it alone! Let’s come together and unite our resources so we can all be a blessing to others in need! Besides, we are not here for ourselves! We are here, in this life, to help others!! Let’s get the job done!

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It’s about making a difference.” - Kathy Calvin

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