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Candidate Name: Marilyn Scolaro

About Marilyn

Marilyn is a 4th generation Tampa native currently residing in Westchase. As owner and lead floral designer of Merlot Petal she takes pride in creating elevated floral arrangements that are as unique as the individual they are being designed for. Whether it’s for a wedding, event, or a single custom arrangement her devotion shines through with each detail. Prior to the floral industry, Marilyn spent 8 years immersed in the cigar industry, having worked as Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President at J.C. Newman Cigar Company located in Ybor City.

Marilyn has always been passionate about helping others and has served in a multitude of ways throughout the years. Since 2015 she has served on the Havana Nights Committee holding an event annually in November to support Southeastern Guide Dogs. In 2019 she took on the role of Committee Co-Chair and has helped to raise a cumulative $1.2 million in net revenue for Southeastern Guide Dogs, and specifically the Veterans served by this program. Marilyn’s goal in running for Tampa Bay Woman of the Year is to not only raise money for the Westchase Charitable Foundation, but also raise awareness for the foundation and the crucial impact it serves to the Tampa Bay Community. Marilyn aspires to build a successful floral business, continue her efforts in serving those in need through her non-profit efforts, and travel the world. On a personal note; Marilyn is a cigar connoisseur, wine enthusiast, dedicated friend, and an absolutely terrible singer – so please do us all a favor and don’t challenge her to any karaoke battles any time soon.

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