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Candidate Name: Kathleen Escobio

About Kathleen

A dedicated philanthropist and volunteer, Kathleen Escobio, has created a successful career in assisting those who are less fortunate. For the past 10 years, Kathleen has worked for non-profit healthcare organizations whose missions are to help those who are unable to afford the healthcare they need. Kathleen has leveraged her business, strategic and analytical core competencies to contribute to the forward thinking trajectory of these organizations while assisting in fulfilling their mission.

In 2017, Kathleen merged her passions for patient-centered care and aesthetics; she is actively pursuing her license as a Medical Aesthecian and currently holds certifications in Advanced Chemical Peels, Body-Wrapping, Micro-needling, and Sublative RF Rejuvenation. With a commitment to extensive training and continued education, Kathleen hopes to utilize her client services and interpersonal skills to help provide a positive impact on someone’s self-esteem and overall well-being.

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