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Candidate Name: Barbara Griffith

About Barbara

My dear family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and anyone else whom I’ve hit up for a donation,

THANK YOU! You are the best. I know you think I’ve got my hands in everything and you wonder where I get the time to do it all, but this should be fun and it’s for a good cause. And if I am selected, my face could be on a billboard. Just saying!

You also know that the kids and I love Tampa Bay. And we do our best to make a difference, with things like our Birthday Cake collection for homeless kids. Like Matthew & Katie say, “How can they wish for a better life, if they don’t have a birthday cake?”.

Now it’s my turn. I’m going to use what I’ve learned as the daughter of an Air Force First Sergeant (we lead by serving), and an Italian mom (do it with passion!), and as a salesperson in Large Corporate banking (people want to give, you just have to ask) to raise funds to help those families who’ve been affected by tragedy.

The truth is, it’s an honor to give. Some give with their time and their efforts. Some give with their checkbook (I fall in this category). The important thing is that we are making a difference. The Westchase Charitable Foundation is making a difference, so thank you for helping them to help others.

To make it fun, your contribution tied to my name, will help in my consideration for “TAMPA BAY WOMAN OF THE YEAR”. And we will celebrate at a posh event on March 2, at a private jet hangar at the Tampa International Airport. Yes, you can buy tickets. And select DONATE or BUY TICKETS. Please indicate my name. Did I mention the billboard? #goals. If you want to know more about me first:

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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