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Candidate Name: Sony Brown

About Sony

My name is Sony Brown, I am a financial advisor and Business Development Director for Taylor Financial. I began working in the financial industry because I believe it’s wrong that we aren’t given proper education on money, how it works, and most importantly how to leverage it to turn our financial dreams into a reality, its just not fair. I am passionate about providing this education to the business owners and families in our communities and advising them towards a bright financial future. It’s for this very reason I am running for Tampa Bays Woman of the year.

The majority of our community is living pay check to pay check and a severe illness of any kind would cause both emotional and financial catastrophe for these families. Westchase Charitable foundation is the only charity I’ve found that hand delivers every penny donated to the hands of families in need, lessening the financial burdens on the children and families in our community.

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