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Candidate Name: Lisa Patel

About Lisa

Lisa Patel is a former Ms. North Carolina United States and Ms. Florida Galaxy. She is a young outgoing professional woman that comes from the mountains of North Carolina where she started her career in modeling and completed her studies in marketing. While doing a photoshoot in Tampa, Lisa fell in love with the beautiful scenery, proximity to our beaches, and business potential. Shortly after, Lisa decided to make Tampa her home. Now residing in Tampa, she is an investor in a local tech start up (for which she now serves on the board), and she is the Co-Founder of the marketing firm, The Agency. Lisa’s days keep her busy promoting her work in modeling as well as in developing her business ventures.

Having spent seven years in marketing and promotions, she has gained much knowledge in the industry, and her business savvy has allowed her to build a network of diversified talent nationwide. Through her firm the Agency, she uses these strengths to help businesses create a branding strategy to maximize their efforts and reach their desired goal. Lisa does not limit her talent to her own business goals; having grown up to Indian parents and learning of their struggles in the village where they once lived, Lisa has also developed a passion for helping families in need. As a candidate for the Tampa Bay’s Woman of the Year, she finds it very rewarding to be able to give back to the Westchase Charitable Foundation.

Lisa’s unique presence has given her the opportunity to work alongside the CEO of McDonalds, CEO of Cool Breeze Beverages and many more. Lisa strives to elevate herself and her business, while maintaining community presence.

It is a privilege to be selected as a nominee for Tampa Bay’s woman of the year and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve such a worthy cause.

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