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Candidate Name: Kelly Falsetti

About Kelly

Born in Michigan and raised in the Tampa Bay Area and a graduate of Florida State University, Kelly Falsetti enjoyed a fulfilling career in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. Upon the birth of her first child, Sophia who was born with special needs, for many reasons, Kelly became a full-time mom committed to helping her daughter climb the proverbial mountain in front of her. Being a mother to Sophia and her second child, Preston, are her two biggest blessings. While spending large amounts of time with her children, her passions also include: photography, cooking, traveling, and philanthropic work. Kelly proudly accepted to be a Candidate for Tampa Bay Woman of The Year 2017 & 2018 because she identifies with the amazing Mission with Westchase Charitable Foundation in Supporting Families with Children going through a Serious Medical Crisis or devastating situation. She also likes the fact that 100% of every dollar contributed to Westchase Charitable Foundation goes to improving these families lives. Kelly has unfortunately watched both of her children struggle with life-threatening medical conditions. Besides her daughter's medical/special needs, her son was born with a major heart condition resulting in his undergoing numerous cardiovascular surgeries and Open Heat Surgery. Kelly has said "One of the hardest parts of having to go through being at the hospital with my own children is learning about what so many of the other children and families are struggling through". Kelly knows the devastation and the disruption of life which includes the financial, emotional, and physical toll these families and their children are dealing with. She is committed to do her part to Make a positive Difference in the lives of these families.

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