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Candidate Name: Heather Alqinneh

About Heather

Making the world a better place one smile at a time

Bio: Heather Alqinneh is the proud owner of H Enterprise Worldwide. With the guidance and inspiration from a handful of what she describes as “magical souls”. People who she truly respects and admires. Those practicing the greatest gift to mankind, the genuine human connection. Individuals she notes for igniting her inspirational flame. People with heart.

Heather, with input from her team of trusted confidants, founded the company within weeks of Heather returning from her unassisted, multi continent experience of Europe and Southeast Asia. If there is one guilty pleasure Heather does NOT have, it is traveling. A steadfast believer that travel is the single most effective way to enrich oneself. Culture, roots, and respect are three highly regarded attributes in her eyes.

Good aura is something Heather deeply believes in. She who once sought solace in numerous visits to temples in the Philippines, Japan, Greece, Amsterdam, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, and the Caribbean; sailed away into the sunset as a proud survivor of domestic violence. During her travels she gained the confidence for self reflection by seeing how other cultures perceived her. They don't say “we are our own worst critic” without reason. A thirst for knowledge and enlightenment are what drives her.

The core focus at H Enterprise Worldwide is making the world a better place. Find something you believe in and make it happen. Heather if proof of this. As a result of her own health struggles dating back to her childhood when a severe case of scoliosis initiated a long journey of debilitating and painful issues. This led to the point of her being wheelchair bound at times and weighing over 250 pounds due to the lack of mobility paired with a poor diet. After thorough discussions with multiple doctors, Heather was left with a decision: Continue with a risky surgery that would restrict mobility permanently…or accept defeat. Heather decided neither of those options worked for her. She lost over 100lbs and and has kept it off with ease while indulging often. What is the secret… you’ll have to ask her. Yoga, tai chi, meditation, and self reflection are only a few key pieces of the puzzle. Heather is a self-taught yoga instructor that has had tremendous exposure to various techniques and disciplines. While health and wellness are very personal and often individual at H Enterprise WW, International business networking is anything but. Heather is a true believer that we as human kind should stand together to make the world a better place. When you surround yourself with exceptional people, exceptional breakthroughs and solutions occur. Connections begin one individual at a time. However, with a little alchemy, your outreach is unfathomable.

Not to say she hasn't stared down the dark side of humanity and conquered it. Remaining transparent with herself, as she is with all she encounters. Heather maintains there is always hope in humanity.

Inclusion. Knowledge. Truthfulness. Personal fortitude. Words to live by. Heather.

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