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Candidate Name: Brandy McAdams

About Brandy

To introduce myself, my husband and I are from Richmond, VA. We moved to Tampa about 13 years ago with our four kids. Coming from such a small town, Tampa seemed like a huge city! Quickly, learned that the Bay Area was very similar to a small town. The people were welcoming and open. From the friends we have made, industry leaders and local government dedicated to making Tampa a vibrant working class town, we knew we were in the right place.

Growing up just outside of Richmond with my parents, sister, cousins, aunts uncles and grandparents, we had just what we needed. However, my parents could not afford the basic expenses that came with a college education. Result, I worked after school during high school and went straight to work after graduation. My mom instilled in me faith and confidence, while my dad is to this day still the hardest working person I have ever met. Thankfully, as a working wife/mom, I am finding I received the most important lessons I would not have obtained from a college textbook.

Today, I am the Broker/ Owner for Focus Property and partner with my husband in his Construction Firm – Focus Development. Focus Property is a leading commercial real estate brokerage serving the greater Tampa Bay area and Central Florida. My group offers a full range of services, from office and retail leasing, to landlord and tenant representation, to investments and strategic planning. The Focus Team and I get to work with businesses, property owners and national brands pairing them with the best location. Many times we are the first introduction to businesses and people to Tampa. It is so fun to be able to share why Tampa Bay is the best place to live, work and play.

Now it is my turn to give back by running for TBWOY. In 2009, I was hospitalized for several days for an internal hemorrhage and later diagnosed with severe Crohn’s Colitis. Amidst, the economic downturn and then the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Several hospitalizations occurred after and the medical expenses that followed were financially crippling for my young family. My kids were tearful and overwhelmed by hospital visits. The medication required we simply could not afford. My husband was stressed with how to make financial obligations of our business as well as our household when there was little to no work available. With some perseverance, and a little assistance from our family that they could scrape together we were able to get through those tough years. During that time and now, I kept thinking- what about kids, the elderly who may not have family or friends who can be there for them? What if the situation had been worse? What would have happen had I arrived to the hospital one day too late? After learning more about the Westchase Charitable Foundation Tampa Bay Woman of the Year, I realized this is a way to fundraise directly for those members of our community that could use some help.

Personally and professionally our family has been involved with several local organizations including:

  • The Glazer Children’s Museum
  • The Joshua House
  • The Crisis Center Tampa Bay
  • The Kidney Foundation
  • The Crohns & Colitis Foundation
  • The Joy of Giving

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