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Candidate Name: Ashley Kompare

About Ashley

One thing that comes to everyones mind when they hear about Ashley Kompare is that she is always helping others. There's not one person she wouldn't put first before herself. She has the biggest heart. Originally from Syracuse NY, she moved to Florida 9 years ago and fell in love with the Tampa Bay Area. She has worked in the hospitality industry since moving here and loves to volunteer and give back in her spare time. She's been involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for 6 years and has a wonderful little sister that she loves to encourage and mentor and has been a major stability in her life since they've met. She has such a passion for helping children and can't wait for the day she gets to become a mom. Donating to charities like the Make a Wish foundation is also near and dear to her heart as her best friend is a childhood leukemia survivor. She also loves to travel , spend time with her family and friends, do yoga and maintain a healthy lifestyle and loves her dog Bentley. She hopes to use this as a platform to raise awareness for the families in need for this organization.

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